Wanzai The Zhushan Cave scenic spots

The Zhushan Cave scenic spots cover an area of 4000 hectares, including Zhushan Cave, Zhushan Cave forest park,Shiwu Tourist Resort, which is a highly-classed and multi-functional tourist attraction for eco-travelling and recreation.

Key scenic spots:

[God of longevity directing the way] Here is the first site of bamboo cave. A vivid figure of god of longevity stands in front of you. His beard head, long eyebrows, long fluttering beard, holding a big peach in the left hand and a crutch in the right hand, all these make the image extremely realistic. 。

[The fertile land] It is said that the son in law of the dragon king once grew rice here. There were hundreds of hectares of fertile farmland. In fact, the terraces like holes are caused by the corrosion of carbon acid solution. It is interesting that if those holes stand much water there will be flood otherwise there be drought.

[Golden buffalo] A huge stone lies on the road, just like a buffalo eating and drinking in the grass with its head there are "eyes" and "nose" and the image is very vivid. It took thousands of years to form such a stone buffalo. It is said that the unlucky ones would have good luck as long as they see the buffalo; businessmen might make big fortune.

[Three Passes of Zhushan Cave] There is a very beautiful ledged about Zhushan Cave. Once upon a time, there was a huge dragon in the cave. It was very powerful and could even summon wind and call for rain. A severe drought hit the villages around. Villagers went to the cave and prayed to the dragon for rain. However, the dragon ignored their wish. A taoist help the villagers fight with the dragon and prevented the flood caused by the dragon from crashing their houses and fields. The flood had thinned down to a mere trickle. The fields got irrigated.

[Buddhist Cliff] Around the thirty-meter-long cliff there are falling curtains, lighting candles and rows of figures of Buddha, bodhisattva, arhat, young disciples of Buddha. The Cliff of The Thousand Buddhas is described as a dreamlike holy land of Buddhist where Buddha's glorious sunlight covers all and people seem to be able to hear the whispers of the Buddha and the revelation of God. There are also other wonderful attraction such as "the boudoir of the daughter of the dragon king", "a fantasied edifice" and "the pine near water",etc.

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Golden buffalo

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