Tonggu Tianzhu Peak Scenic spot

Tianzhu Peak Scenic spot

In February 2000, Tianzhufeng forest park in Tonggu County was granted "National Forest Park" by national ministry of forestry. In 2007, it was named" National Water Park". In 2009, it was rated as a National AAA Tourist Attraction. It covers an area of 10,512 hectares, including Tianzhu Peak, Tonggu Rock, Dawei Hill and Longmen Cliff.

[Tianzhu Peak]Tianzhu Peak was once called Lingshi or Maigu Peak. It's surrounded on three sides by water, at an elevation of 2,000 meters. It looks like a pillar standing in the middle of the scenic spot, splendid and magnificent, Its unique Danxia landform and legend make it get the name of "The first peak of Xiujiang". It's the symbol of Tianzhufeng National Forest Park. Tianzhu Peak was named after Zhang Guolao of Eight Immortals in local folklore.

[Nine Dragons Lake]Nine Dragons Lake was named after Nine Dragon Pool at the foot of Jiulonggeng Hill. Standing on the top of Tianzhu Peak, you can see mists and waves stretch far into the distance, just like a dragon of tens of kilometers that ebullient and winding in mountains. Nine Dragon Lake covers an area of 8 square kilometers and has a depth of 30 to 60 meters. It's a synthetical water conservancy project with holding capacity of 0.115 billion Cube Meters. Making a successful ascent of the mountain and gazed away out to Nine Dragon Lake, you will be absorbed in the ceaselessly shifting patterns of the waves. Rowing on the lake, there are too many landscapes for the eye to take in. When the color of the sky deepens as the sun goes down, it makes the mountains less and less distinct, and the sunset glow shines upon the lake. What's a charming experience!

[Lingshi Temple]Lingshi Temple is located in the cave on the hillside of Tianzhu Peak. It can be traced back to the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279 A.D.), which has a long history and enjoys a great reputation. The rocks of Danxia landform contains calcium carbonate, which made the stone path make sound when people step foot on it. There is a spring on the hillside which is clear and sweet. It is said that the spring has medicinal value. It's efficacious for a variety of eye diseases. Go round the spring and step up, there is Guanyin Hall. It's magnificent and solemn. Several wise men in former times have ever visited here, leaving poems and stone carvings. You can place your feelings on the scenery. A continuous stream of worshippers comes to Guanyin Hall to pray.

[Nine Dragon Waterfall]Nine Dragon Waterfall is like a shining pearl set on Nine Dragon Lake. It's is 78 meters in height and 9 meters in width. It looks like a dropping pearl necklace and sounds like a symphony. When the sun shines through the clouds, a bright rainbow arches and mirrored on the waterfall. That's a splendid and breathtakingly beautiful scene.

The beautiful landscape of Tianzhufeng National Forest Park and the revolutionary tourism resources of Tonggu will leave the visitors indelible impression. "Go to Tonggu, and you will experience happiness of a lifetime!"

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