The introduction of Yifeng tourism

Yifeng is at the western foothill of Beijiuling mountain in western Jiangxi, and in the west side of Tonggu and Wanzai, borders upon Gaoan and Shanggao to the west. Yifeng county is 130 miles away from the capital Nanchang,90 miles away from Yichun, 4 hours drive from Wuhan and 6 hours drive from Guangzhou.

Yifeng has a long history of 1780 years, where products abound and the people live in plenty. Yifeng has a profound culture and rich in tourism resources. It's features five characteristics: famous person& historic sites, the culture of Zen Buddhism, primeval ecology, revolutionary base and bamboo production.

Yifeng is the hometown of the great poet Tao Yuanming of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, the birthplace of Linji and Caodong Sect of Zen Buddhism, and among Chinese bamboo& kiwi townships. There're national nature reserve Guanshan, national AA class& provincial scenic spot Dong Mountain, national water park Xuanming Lake, and historical& cultural village Tianbao ancient village.