Tianmu Mingyuanshan hot spring holiday village

  Tianmu Mingyuanshan hot spring holiday villageis a national AAAA level scenic spot, located in Wentang town of Mingyue hill, which covers an area of more than 1000 mu. With the SE-rich hot spring that has a history of 1000 years, the open-air hot spring is built in natural forests and valleys. There're herbal springs like Taiji spring, Tiamu unique spring, beauty spring, cultural springs like bamboo forest spring, moon& brook spring, jungle spring, Water World and Spa.  


  Besides, Tiangongkaiwu Garden in the resort is based on the science edition "Tian Gong Kai Wu" written by scientist Song Yingxing of the Ming Dynasty. It's a combination of method of farming, traditional hand-made, Chinese farming culture, also is the youth science and technology education base of Jiangxi province, and the Chinese health building base.

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