Yichun Guest House

Yichun Guest House Yichun Guest House is located within the core range of Yiyang new area, next to the administration center of Yichun, with a strategic location and convenient transportation.Yichun Guest House is equipped with modern facilities, luxurious and elegant decoration, into the combination of European classical garden style and modern landscape design for one. It has 342 deluxe guest rooms , 10 multifunctional conference rooms with different sizes of which the biggest one can take in 1000 people. The Chinese restaurant, Mingyue palace, has 40 luxurious rooms, and characterized in Cantonese cuisine, Jiangxi and Hunan cuisine. The garden landscape is blend into the designing and planning of the hotel, such as lakes, rocks, pavilions and terraces. The percentage of greenery coverage of the hotel is over 80%. To satisfy different needs of guests, Yichun Guest House has set up a series of entertainment facilities and other relevant supporting facilities, concluding shopping center, business center, dancing hall, KTV boxes,sauna and massage center, Chess & Card Rooms, etc.


Address: North Luzhou road 669,Yichun

Tel: 086-0795-3688888 Fax: 086-0795-3688889